Android Mobile Devices as SMS Gateway

Utilize your network provider's unlimited sms plan, cheap and cost-effective solution for marketing, bulk sms and projects in Ethiopia. Use WhatsApp for an even larger audience reach, our platform provides the complete tools to help you get started.

SMS Messaging

Use your android devices as SMS gateway, this is effectively cheaper than using third party gateways.

WhatsApp Messaging

Use WhatsApp for your marketing campaigns, our platform provides the tools to help you get started.

Intuitive Tools

We provide the tools to help you with you marketing tasks such as autoreply, webhooks and more.

Why use our service?

Here are some reasons why you should start using our service

Quick and bulk sending

Send tons of messages to different contact groups easily and you can also send quick messages for fast transactions. Our platform also includes live dashboard, get notifications when your messages are sent or received!

  • Shortcodes for composing your messages with predefined data.
  • Spintax for randomizing set of words to battle spamming issues.
  • Translator for targeting audience based on their languages.

Automated and smart tools

Manage your business while we take care of the dirty work, our platform is smart and only needs the messages you want to send then we'll do the rest!

  • Schedule your sms and whatsapp chats at any date you want.
  • Webhooks for automating some tasks when you receive messages from both sms and whatsapp.
  • Actions for creating auto response and quick data check of events.
  • USSD for doing network related requests such as checking balance from operator.
  • Notifications from the connected android devices can also be used for automated tasks.

Service Pricing

Starter (FREE)

ETB0 month
  • SMS Send 30 daily
  • SMS Receive 30 daily
  • WhatsApp Send 30 daily
  • WhatsApp Receive 30 daily
  • USSD 30 daily
  • Notifications 30 daily
  • Scheduled SMS/Chats 30
  • Contacts 30
  • API Keys 2
  • Webhooks 2
  • Actions 3
  • Android Devices 1
  • WhatsApp Accounts 1


ETB480 month
  • SMS Send 1,500 daily
  • SMS Receive 1,500 daily
  • WhatsApp Send 1,000 daily
  • WhatsApp Receive 1,000 daily
  • USSD 400 daily
  • Notifications 150 daily
  • Scheduled SMS/Chats 400
  • Contacts 300
  • API Keys 5
  • Webhooks 4
  • Actions 10
  • Android Devices 3
  • WhatsApp Accounts 2


ETB920 month
  • SMS Send 10,000 daily
  • SMS Receive 10,000 daily
  • WhatsApp Send 5,000 daily
  • WhatsApp Receive 5,000 daily
  • USSD 500 daily
  • Notifications 1,000 daily
  • Scheduled SMS/Chats 700
  • Contacts 5,000
  • API Keys 10
  • Webhooks 10
  • Actions 100
  • Android Devices 10
  • WhatsApp Accounts 5